Do you enjoy men ordering you to smile on the street? How about telling you you’ve got a nice ass? Or maybe just a suggestive whistle while you walk to work? No? Neither do we. That’s why we’re stoked on the Coalition for Gender Equity in Schools’ new youth-led summit about street harassment. On March 25th, middle and high school students will host an event that will engage in a thought-provoking dialogue on the not-so-intelligent dialogue we hear every day while minding our own damn business. 

Young people will join in a discussion about how this harassment affects all of us and discover ways we can fight it on both an individual and communal level. There will be workshops on sexual harassment prevention, multi-gender conversations on street harassment, Girls for Gender Equity’s Hey Shorty!, and a collective planning session for a youth-led action against street harassment. The summit will take place at the Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women from 10am-3:30pm.

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