Top 10 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women's Day, BUSTees! We came up with 10 great ways to celebrate the holiday and get in a BUST-y mood. Enjoy!


1. Donate to a women’s cause

There are tons of different women’s organizations and campaigns that need support out there, so pick one that resonates with you and spare some change for your fellow sisters. A great place to start would be the Malala Fund, which was created for Malala Yousafzai, the young girl fighting for girls’ education who was shot in the head by the Taliban. Read more about Malala here

2. Make your office (or wherever you are!) a fat-talk-free zone

(This one should really be every day of the year.) But particularly on the day that we honor all the progress women have made in history, there’s no need to focus on calories or comparing our bods to celebs’. Forget that bullshit about shedding pounds for swimsuit season and remember just how great and beautiful women’s bodies are, yours included!

3. Chow down with your lady friends

In Portugal, women often celebrate the occasion by going out for a ladies only dinner. Why not do the same whever you live? Treat yo’self!

4. Give a girl some flowers

In certain countries, it’s tradition to give women flowers on March 8th. In Bosnia, red roses are the norm while in Italy men gift mimosas to the gals in their lives. But don’t leave it all to the dudes. Remember to give a daisy or two to your fellow females.

5. Craft yourself a party dress

In Africa, a brand spankin’ new fabric print is designed every year and used to produce outfits for the holiday. We may not have our own special pattern but that doesn’t mean we can’t get crafty too! Pick your own fabric that you think embodies what International Women’s Day means and sew up a storm!

6. Speak up against sexism

It’s easy to keep your lips zipped when people are spitting some stupid-ass sexist bullshit for fear of riling people up. But rile people up! Do the damn thang! Those jerks need to hear it.


7. Send a card

Spread the word about the holiday by sending an e-card through Women For Women International! The brightly-flowered cards are sure to brighten any lady’s day with sweet messages and quotes from great feminists like Maya Angelou. WFWI reminds us to honor a woman in our lives.

8. Watch a female-powered movie

Last year, Girl Rising premiered in honor of International Women’s Day. A film about nine girls from all over the world who have faced oppression of some form, Girl Rising is a perfect way to remind ourselves of the strength we possess and the obstacles we have overcome. Read more about the film here!

9. Get those creative juices flowing

In 2014, the Global International Women’s Day Arts Initiative was established so that women from every country could connect through their own artistic expression. You can submit your own sketches, collages, sculptures, paintings, drawings, installations, photographs, stories, or whatever else to the initiative right here. Even if you’re not feeling inspired, you can peruse other women’s artwork and read their stories too!

10. Cook up an international dish

It’s always fun to try new recipes, so why not try to create a new dish from somewhere else on the globe? Maybe some Ethiopian or Vietnamese tickles your fancy? Check out these recipes from all over the world from the Cooking Channel and put your nom-making skills to the test!

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