A new chapter of women’s history in the world of sports was written this past weekend. For the first time ever, a fight between two women was the main attraction at the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The fight was between bantamweight titleholder Ronda Rousey and challenger Liz Carmouche (AKA the Girlilla). These women are real Amazons; Ronda Rousey has a background in Judo and is an bona fide Olympian, while the “Girlilla” has had special martial arts training from the Marines.  


This fight was a huge deal for UFC fans, and there was a tremendous amount of anticipation leading up to the brawl. Not only was this the first fight of its kind, but it was also the most anticipated attraction on the main card. These women have really proved themselves as positive role models to women everywhere, and are also building pathways for women in competitive Mixed Martial Arts. Whether you approve of UFC's often brutal showdowns or not, you've got to admit that these women are trailblazers in their sport. 

Before these martial artists were called into the match, the crowd got pumped up to No Doubt's song "I'm Just Girl". Carmouche emerged into the arena accompanied by Daft Punk, while Rousey sprung out to Joan Jett. Then their epic fight began. Their fight was only 4 minutes and 49 seconds long. For a brief moment, Carmouche had Rousey in a rear naked choke. However, Rousey immediately flipped the script and finished the fight by situating Carmouche in an armbar—Rousey’s signature move—and the ended the fight in the spider web position. Rousey defended her title as UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion.

Both women were fierce competitors, and it was a fight that everyone who is involved with mixed martial arts will remember.  Congratulations to both women, as this event was a major point in both their careers. Now the question everyone is asking is “Who will they fight next?”


Images via Bleecherreport.com and NYPOST.COM

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