Break Media Advertises 'Rapey' Video

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Break.com, a site where you and all your bros can look at hilarious videos and hot chicks, sent an idiotic email promoting rape culture to sex writer and educator, Lux Alptraum. She posted the clumsy email, sent by Andy Signore of Break Media, on her Tumblr. He says he is “oddly proud” of a new ScreenJunkies episode, though it “takes a turn for the rapey.”

 He proceeds to describe the video, which features an interview with a pervy Superman impersonator of Hollywood Boulevard. Signore promotes it by saying, “see his collection of naked 18 year old online girlfriends…and here how he’d rape women as Superman- And it’s all 100% Real!” Even if the grammatical error didn’t get you, the content will. Did I mention that the email is entitled “How Superman Would Rape Women”?


Lux, a sexual assault survivor, responded scathingly, and said the title alone made her feel “incredibly uncomfortable, deeply upset, and totally uninterested in linking to any content.” She goes on to provide an educational link about rape culture, and condemns him for touting rape as something “totally cool and awesome.” Her email is sharp and concise.

Signore then sent a bumbling apology, claiming his email was “completely misleading and offensive. The title was an attempt to flag attention…” He goes on to place most of the blame on the impersonator, saying that the host tried to change the subject away from rape to no avail. In an attempt to thank her for teaching him a valuable lesson, he ends up shirking most of the responsibility for the poor wording of his email.

 Perhaps such a promotion is not surprising from a site so proud of its video collection of “gross chicks,” but they should lift their heads out of the vomit-stained frat toilet every once in a while to educate themselves. 


Photos via screenjunkies.com and revelinnewyork.com

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