Alice Paul toasts women's right to vote

Hell to the yes! Above, Alice Paul toasts women's right to vote, a fight she faught like a warrior (spending time in jail and going on a hunger strike, etc), and which was ratified 88 years ago today (see Emily's post, below). You've probably heard of Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, but today it's time to take a moment and give thanks to Ms. Alice for all she did. To learn more, visit, or watch HBO's movie, Iron Jawed Angels , which came out a couple of years ago but starred none other than Hillary Swank as the young, fierce Alice:


And if you don't register and vote this year? I'm sure Ms. Paul will come and haunt your ass from now until eternity. And she's not scared of anything. So do it!

P.S. Although it makes no mention of Alice, this video is how I've remembered, since childhood, that it was the 19th amendment that struck down this restrictive rule.

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