Tina Fey Strikes Back at Republican Rape Comments

I was first introduced to funny lady (and generally awesome human being) Tina Fey during the 2008 election season. Her hilariously dead-on impressions of Sarah Palin never failed to put my racing 19-year-old mind at ease.

Little did I know that in 2012, our rights to safe and legal abortions, affordable birth control, and equal pay would be at stake. Clearly, we still need our Tina.


Enraged by the vomit-inducing rape comments made by Republican politicians, Fey struck back…hard. In a speech given at the Center for Reproductive Rights Inaugural Gala on Wednesday, the 30 Rock star took a stand against those male lawmakers who can’t seem to stop uttering incendiary rape comments.

“I wish we could have an honest and respectful dialogue about these complicated issues,” Fey told the crowd. “But it seems like we can’t right now. And if I have to listen to one more gray-faced man with a two-dollar haircut explain to me what rape is, I’m gonna lose my mind!”

Ouch. We won’t even attempt to tackle the reasoning behind the hairstyle/self tanner choices of Republican men. However, we do respect their right to choose, not that they could say the same.

Another gem was the following comment about Todd Akin a.k.a. that guy who said that women don’t get pregnant from “legitimate rape” a.k.a. that guy who might win a Missouri Senate seat:

“Todd Akin. Oof. This guy. Todd Akin claims that women can’t really get pregnant from a legitimate rape because the body secretes hormones. Now I can’t even finish this sentence without getting dumber; it’s making me dumber when I say it—but it’s something about the body not being able to get pregnant when it’s under physical stress. Mr. Akin, I think you are confusing the phrase ‘legitimate rape’ with the phrase ‘competitive gymnastics.’”

Frankly, as the clock ticks closer to Election Day, it’s becoming more and more difficult to distinguish real news from stories on The Onion. Earlier this week, for example, Mitt Romney-endorsed Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock called pregnancies resulting from rape “a gift from God”. And if you’re still feeling really brave, you can check out our roundup of I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-1950 rape comments.

I don’t know about all of you, but I think I’m just going to keep replaying this Tina Fey clip while looking at photos of baby animals until the madness ends.

Image via rawstory.com 

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