Save the Women's Suffrage Campaign Wagon!

This is an issue that is close to our hearts, former teacher and journalist, Marguerite Kearns is trying to get her grandmother's suffragette campaign wagon to be exhibited permanently at the New York State Museum in Albany, New York. 

As of now, the wagon is sitting in a museum warehouse somewhere in Albany, waiting for its next appearance in public. Without our support, there is no way of knowing when it will stop collecting dust, and start educating people on the Women's Rights Movement.

If you visit her kickstarter website, you can support the campaign to fund a film she is making about the wagon, and this very important part of United States history. Your pledge will make a difference- even the smallest amount will be much appreciated! Marguerite has a deadline of June 3, 2011 to reach her kickstarter goal of five thousand dollars. That means in nine days the whole project will go kaput without your support!


Generations of women struggled, to gain the women's vote. Women were jailed, force fed, and they rallied for the rights we now have. We need to honor these ladies of the past, and make sure that our future generations have the chance to learn about them.


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