Okay, so nobody's called her Susie Sexpert in a long time, but it's not a name she's outgrown, exactly. Susie Bright was at the forefront of sex positive activism, and the co-founder of On Our Backs. You know her from the Best American Erotica series, or from the Herotica series. Maybe you know her from the Audible show, In Bed with Susie Bright.  But you know her and she's influenced your life and the world you've grown up in whether you know it or not.

Susie has edited or authored thirty one books, and now she's written her memoir, Big Sex Little Death. I was lucky enough to catch her first book reading on this tour at Bluestockings Bookstore in the Lower East Side.  Great writers don't always make great readers. Luckily, Susie is a master of both domains. But the best part, and this is why you want to catch her in your local bookstore when she comes to your town, is she opened the floor to questions, memories, discussion on the personal and the political. Andrea Dworkin, trafficking, Trotsky, group sex, the feminist movement, good porn,  Penthouse, On Our Backs, and being nominated for Grand Marshall of the San Francisco Gay Parade.

The book tour includes writing classes, sex workshops for parents, readings, discussions and parties, depending on which city you catch her in, but catch her. If you're in NY, you can catch her Thursday night, March 31 at the Strand Bookstore at 7pm. Or check here for a alphabetical list of tour stops from Ann Arbor to Tucson, and many letters in between.



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