Toddlers & Tiaras is at it again!

Last week we brought you Mia the Mini Madonna, but this week we bring you something even more horrifying.

A five year old having her eyebrows waxed.




Alright, so, Toddlers & Tiaras does take place in a world where children wear false teeth and spray tan and parade around like dolls, but this clip is enough to make me cry.

In it, we see the poor little girl crying and pleading, “No, nooo, no please not my eyebrows! No, don’t do my eyebrows.” The stylist is momentarily able to placate her by displaying a bag of brightly colored candies, as the mother-of-the-year narrates, completely blasé, “She had a bad experience where the wax was way too hot and it kinda…ripped off her skin.”


Sorry, let me repeat that, “Ripped off her skin.”

I don’t know what is more appalling – that a mother would subject her wailing, clearly unwilling child to something even grown women flinch at, or the way the mother blandly comments on what was obviously a traumatic experience for anyone. Mom acts as if her kid is throwing a temper tantrum about not getting the toy she really wants.

Again. “Ripped off her skin.”

The little girl continues pleading and sobbing all the way through, her cries of, “Nooo, don’t tear it!” are heartwrenching to the viewer, but the mother?

“They’re called beauty pageants for a reason!”

When its all done, the little girl leaps off the chair and clings to her mother. Over this footage, mom’s voice over tells us, “Normally I would just held her down and ripped it off.”

Photo from TLC

Video courtesy of Perez Hilton

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