During my childhood days, (oblivious, of course, to their now-glaring kitsch factor) I would often purchase posters from book order catalogs. Sad-eyed kittens playing with balls of yarn, several adorable puppies stuffed into a wicker basket, to more sad-eyed kittens huddled under a fluffy pink blanket were just some of the subjects that intrigued me. If only I’d had artist Amanda Visell’s posters for girls. These beautiful prints, which echo mid-century children's book illustrations and classic kid's story narratives, feature girls skydiving (“I am a maverick.”) dressed as a knight (“I can save myself.”) and furry in the woods (“I am wild.”) and more. A fabulous antidote to all the sparkly pink/princess stuff we’re all so tired of seeing, these posters are awesome enough to put in your own, grownup bedroom— but of course make the perfect holiday gift for any little girl you know.

4 versions for $30 each or all 4 for $100, available at myswitcheroo.com



photos courtesy notcot.com


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