The Man Behind 'The Charging Bull' HATES 'The Fearless Girl
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The now famous "Fearless Girl" statue on Wall Street is facing criticism from the artist who created her opponent, the Charging Bull. Sculptor Arturo Di Modica claims that having the fearless girl facing the bull head on is an infringement on his artistic copyright.

Di Modica's attorney, Norman Siegel, explained that Di Modica is demanding to see the city's documents explaining what procedures were followed. He claims the presence of another 'bold figure' in front of his sculpture takes away from the creative dynamic.

The Fearless Girl statue has become such a tourist magnet that Mayor Bill De Blasio has announced the statue will remain until February 2018. Popping up on International Women's Day, the statue was erected by Wall Street firm State Street Global Advisors to make a statement about the lack of women on the boards of the major U.S. corporations.

Di Modica claims that the statue was a marketing ploy by the firm. So far no lawsuit has been filed, and it is unclear whether or not there will be a lawsuit filed at all. Twitter has erupted with commentary about Di Modica's complaints- citing that his very own statue was erected in the '80s, illegally under the cover of night, to show 'America's financial resilience.' It has since become a symbol of Wall Street.

Twitter fearless girl copy

For now, our fearless girl will remain head on with the bull, right where she belongs.

Top photo via FlickrAnthony Quintano

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