Samantha Bee Has A Few Words About Trump's Failure Of A Healthcare Proposal

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“Last week was supposed to be a triumph for Republicans. After seven long years, our national nightmare of somewhat affordable health coverage would finally be over.”

Samantha Bee's latest sass-fest focuses on Trump's most recent presidential failure.

When the man who was elected based on his ability to make deals couldn't even sway his own political allies to vote yes on the American Health Care Act, he gave members of Congress an ultimatum: Either move forward with the vote or move on to other issues.

The bill failed to pass (thank you, sweet baby Jesus), and according to Trump, it was the Democrats' fault.

'Trump had a 50/50 chance of blaming the correct political party, but he fucked that up too,' Bee remarks in the below video.

Finally, although the proposal was a complete catastrophe, Trump was fortunately able to remain positive and reflect back on everything he learned about being president through the process.

'Well, hey, when it’s a matter of life and death for millions of people, the important thing is that you learned a lot.'

Top photo: Screenshot via Youtube

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