20 Feminist GIFs That Totally Speak The Truth
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Sometimes you just need a GIF to sum up how you’re feeling. From reminding us how awesome girl power is to smashing patriarchy to bits, these awesome feminist GIFs do just that. They're all we want to look at today. Check them out below! 

1. When people ask how you became a feminist.



2. When you need to explain what Womanhood is. 


3. When you just need to shut someone down.


4. When you're trying to contribute to the conversation, but some people aren't having it. 

5. When you're questioned for being a strong-minded woman.

6. When you need to explain that women can do whatever that want to do, as long as they're happy.

7. When Louis C.K. was on point, proving that men can be feminists too.


9. This disturbing truth.

10. When Stephen Colbert showed the world how easy it is to be a feminist.

11. When Emma Watson inspired us all.

12. When people complain about female-focused films.


13. When you watch the latest blockbuster.

14. When you're getting ready for a debate.

15. When someone starts mansplaining.

16. When someone won't stop patronizing you.

17. When someone calls you a bitch.

18. When you realize just how fabulous you are.

19. When you realize how proud you are to call yourself a feminist. 


20. Keep on fighting!

Gifs via Buzzfeed and Makers


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