Beyoncé on the $20 Bill? Why Not

Well it’s about time! This week, President Obama gave a speech in Kansas City, where he talked about a letter a young girl had recently sent him.  The girl had asked why there weren’t any female faces on our paper currency.  She attached a list of possibilities, and the president said he thought it was "a pretty good idea.”


While we don’t know who exactly was on the girl’s list, New York Magazine has created their own list of women they’d like to see on the $20 bill (replacing Andrew Jackson, who was a total dick, let’s be honest). New York Mag’s list includes some obvious choices, and some funny ones, but the face of any game-changing American woman on paper money would be a step in the right direction.


Sorry, Mr. President, but this is way more than just a “pretty good idea.” 

Who would you want to see on the $20 bill? 


Images courtesy of New York Magazine

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