Fawny Phillips is a paragon of the Hobby Lobby employee.  She crafts like no other and is using her skills to compensate for the corporation’s recently awarded freedom to enforce its religion on its employees.  In “Hobby Lobby Employee Tutorial #1: DIY Birth Control,” she reminds us that, even without insured birth control, we can still get great contraceptives without breaking the bank! 


Take, for instance, her crocheted condoms and diaphragms.  Safe, easy, and effective!  It makes you wonder why anyone would bother with their more expensive latex counterparts! 

WATCH THE DIY-birth-control from Vincent Comparetto on Vimeo HERE!!!!!!!!!

The satirical DIY instructional video, brought to you by Vincent Comparetto, is scathing and hilarious. It calls attention to Hobby Lobby’s oppressive practices of denying female employees adequate healthcare, while also including a few jabs at gender expectations:

“Can I make a suggestion? Bedazzle [the crocheted condoms] with rhinestones - for herpleasure!”  

Brilliant, sassy and sparkly. Sign us up, Fawny!

Images courtesy of Vincent Comparetto at vimeo.com.  

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