I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- menstruation can be the living worst. It’s smelly, messy, sticky, painful, and so many other unpleasant things. Imagine how much it would suck being on your period while living in a developing country. A lot of people all over the world don’t have the money to pay for pads, tampons, pain medication, what have you. Even if they did have the money, there’s nowhere nearby to get these items for many of these people. What’s worse, not having pads often prevents these girls from going to school. Missing a week of school every month starting at puberty is really problematic, and many of these students fall so far behind that they have to drop out. With many uterus-having-people struggling to get an education at all, the fact is that we can’t afford to let our periods win. We all need to go to school to reduce the worldwide inequality and reduced opportunities we face. Thankfully, three women (Antonia Dunbar, Miki Agrawal and Radha Agrawal) are taking action regarding this major issue.

THINX is a new brand of underwear that is designed to prevent leaks, stains, and ruined panties. They’re pretty, come in a variety of styles, and are basically just amazing in every way. AND, for every pair of THINX that is purchased, a girl in Africa gets seven reusable pads - enough to last her a year. Honestly, just thinking about this makes me emotional, because what these women are doing for the 67 million girls in Africa who are without access to sanitary products is such a beautiful thing. Because we buy awesome underwear, these girls get to go to school. They go to school, they get jobs, they make money, they better themselves, and their families, and they're able to be active members of society who work towards the greater good.


THINX comes in thong,



and luxe.

See, there are options made for different flows. There are four layers in each pair: one that “wicks” moisture and prevents stains, another that absorbs, another that prevents leaks, and a fourth that’s comfortable and pretty. What more could a girl ask for? Go to the THINX website next time you need new undies, because not only will you look and feel good, you’ll be helping a girl attend school and better her self.

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