Suzanne Morissette proves that on her wedding day, she is not just a pretty porcelain doll exclusively to be looked at, toasted to, and fawned over. Her lucky husband is clearly sticking with Morissette for life not only because she's a hottie patattie, but because she has major chops!


He's standing just off to the side in this video, actually, playing in the band. I hope he got to enjoy his special day as well, but as the cliché goes, it's all about the bride. That is, all about her being a perfect beautiful princess whose dress is too elaborate and confining for her to contribute to the entertainment any more than some stiff booty popping. 

This elegant drummer says nuts to that, grabs her sticks and tears every wedding band drummer ever a new one, without tearing her gown. Grooms may not get as much attention on the big day, but that takes a lot of the pressure off of them. Suzanne, however, chose to embrace the challenge with fervour, looking glamorous and rocking sweet fills, literally never missing a beat. You rule, Suzanne. 

Which other chicks with sticks have pulled off some of the most jaw-dropping drum solos you've ever seen? Leave a comment below.


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