The Internet is for Girls Too--Who Knew?!

If you're ever wondering where awesome gifs like these come from, the answer is, as usual: a weirdly sexist internet video!! 



If you thought the nineties was all Bjork and Julia Stiles, The Wifey is here to set you straight.

The gems are not purely visual, folks. The tasteful nuclear family and their brunette pals drop line after line about how the internet will improve "Peter's grades…and Dasha's too!" and how they "doubt" the mom will "be asked" anything too technical, since she's too busy "chauffeuring" the kids around and will probably only use the web for "recipes and gardening tips" anyway. 

"Hold on sis, let's start at the beginning like Dad!" says bro. Maybe don't hold on, sis. Hold forth. She's clearly the rightful star of this vid. I like her bangs, and I feel like her attitude toward the whole thing is palpable. The brother can't even spell "Lisa" for crying out loud!

I still don't really know what "defragmenting" a disk is, but that hopefully means some things have changed. I mean, I don't call people to tell them my email anymore. Does that mean we get to stop reminding people that the internet isn't just for boys?



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