Woman Catcalls Men, Makes A Point For Ladies Everywhere

Everyday, countless women are catcalled, harassed, and berated based solely on our gender. In a world where people shrug off sexism and claim that the feminist movement is no longer relevant, it helps to have a reminder like Everyday Sexism, a website devoted to chronicling submitted real-life experiences of girls and women. 



The Guardian producer Leah Green set out to showcase the prevalence of sexual harassment in her new video, in which she addresses men in the exact same ways outlined by women on Everyday Sexism, turning the tables in an effort to emphasize and undercut society’s deeply ingrained, disrespectful treatment of women. She catcalls, honks, and asks intrusive sexual questions to unsuspecting men, who after a life of male privilege, are deeply taken aback, offended, confused, and disbelieving. 


No one deserves to be humiliated and disrespected, and the millions of women who are subjected to harassment aren’t “asking for it” any more than these men are. Why is it so shocking when the tables are turned, and ignored when women are the targets? Harassment is unacceptable and wrong no matter whom it's directed at. 

Many have applauded the video for bringing this important subject to light, but some have been outraged over the video, claiming that in trying to stop harassment, it doubles it. Whatever your opinion, one thing's for sure: we all have to work together to put an end to abusive and aggressive language and behavior. Everyone deserves respect. 


Thanks to TIME and The Guardian

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