The feminist Twitter goddess Suey Park, responsible for the activist hashtag #NotYourAsianSidekick, has a special gift for us: #ActivistPickUpLines. From its inception, feminism has been a complicated uphill battle with its fair share of internal conflict, not to mention that we live in a world where people shy away from the movement because of prejudice and stereotypes; it’s quite refreshing to see some witty feminist conversation making the rounds on mainstream social media. 


#ActivistPickUpLines is the perfect addition to this lovely Valentine’s holiday, touchingly reminding us that we need to keep fighting for everyone’s right to love and be loved. As Park explains, “love is not about sacrifice and scarcity but about equality, justice and community.” Here are ten of the best tweets so far; be sure to add your own!



Thanks to Buzzfeed

Images via Buzzfeed