State of the Uterus' Address Hilariously And Scathingly Calls Out Anti-Woman Legistlation


In the wake of Barack Obama’s “State of the Union” address, it’s important to consider the State of the Uterus. With impeding abortion regulations, limitations on birth control access, and proposed rape audits, our uteri stand at the forefront of one of our country’s most contentious battles. 



Thank goodness that the esteemed Madame Uterus graced us with her own speech streamed last night at LadyPartsJustice.com immediately following Obama’s address. Written by esteemed speech writer— er, I mean The Daily Show and Air America co-creator Lizz Winstead— the majestic UTOUS scathingly confronts the most egregious offenses composing this year’s anti-woman legislation. 


Says WInstead, “The campaign also serves as the big kick in the ass that we all need to step up, get loud, go to the polls in November and toss out politicians who think the problems in our home states are what we do with our vaginas.” Visit LadyPartsJustie.com to get involved, and watch the address below. 

Video via YouTube

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