When a friend of photographer Debbie Boud posted pictures of actresses from "The L Word" noting how attractive they were, Boud was dissatisfied: not all of the women were actually gay and they represented only a stereotypically pretty look. In response, her friend challenged Boud to find "gay and hot" lesbian models, an oft-omitted group as far as popular media goes. Thus began her 2010 "It's All Butch," calendar project. 

"I wanted to break the mullet-wearing stereotypes and show that we can be 'hot' too," Boud said in an interview with the Huffington Post. "I think butch women are not seen as pretty by the media, and let's face it, pretty sells," said Boud. 

Boud has completed the fourth installment of her project, the 2014 "It's All Butch," calendar. Take a look at some of her awesome photos below. You can buy a calendar or view more of her work here




Thanks to The Huffington Post