Robin McGraw Releases iPhone App for Victims of Abuse


While Dr. Phil’s show is best known for bringing paternity fights and relationship advice to America’s homes, his wife Robin McGraw clearly has more altruistic ambitions, as she proved with the debut of ASPIRE News, her new free iPhone and Android app for victims of domestic abuse. The app is disguised as a typical news outlet, with stories from the day powered by Yahoo! News, but the “Help” section is a hidden guide to resources for domestic violence. It also includes a “Go” feature, which, if pressed, will allow the user to send a pre-recorded audio and written message to the authorities and trusted contacts, as well as discreetly use location and recording services to document possibly dangerous situations.


Because the app is designed for victims of abusive relationships, it makes inconspicuousness a priority and allows women to seek the help they need without their abuser finding out. The app and its website can be easily exited at a moment’s notice and taken to a news or weather screen, and even its introduction on Dr. Phil purposefully obstructed the app’s identifiable features.

Ms. McGraw’s foundation, When Georgia Smiled, can be found at whengeorgiasmiled.org, and the ASPIRE app is downloadable in the iPhone and Android App Stores.

Image via WME Speaker

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