14 Manly Qualities Women Are Jealous Of' Is Just As Douchey As You'd Expect


Stereotypes abound! Well, this might be my hysterical inability to “take jokes sportingly” talking, but Men’s XP’s recent post “14 Manly Qualities Women Are Jealous Of” is ridiculous. And not only because its title ends with a preposition. As you might have guessed, one of these traits we envy so much is a sense of humor, but I actually don’t find one-dimensional generalizations all that inventive or clever. In fact, it’s pretty played. 



In this “essay,” we are more or less told that men are nothing more than brawny neanderthals and women are sentimental saps with a collective narcissism problem. Men fix things while women are busy “clouding [our] minds with unimportant thoughts.” Women nurture a baby when she cries, but men still end up being the favorite parent because they’re “fun.” Men tell the truth, but watch out: women lie and manipulate. Women are dependable if you need a shoulder to cry on or some extra closet space, but men only need sex and they’re a-okay! 


Oh, did I forget to mention how vain we are? Yeah... we end friendships if a friend wears an outfit similar to the one we’re wearing. Apparently we all also spend a ton of time getting ready in the morning, hate aging, and are unable to be ourselves due to our crippling insecurities. You’d think if you’re interested in initiating a “Battle of the Sexes,” you’d at least try out some new ideas. Women are narcissistic? It wasn’t a woman who decided to list fourteen reasons her sex is superior to another... just sayin’.


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