Okay, so I know a lot of gamers--of all genders-- who are sick and tired of seeing women sexualized in video games. Disturbingly, recent research has suggested that women are damaged by playing as over-sexualized avatars in games. So why does the industry continue to churn out female characters in barely-there outfits? Warface, an online shooter features female soldiers in skimpy, highly ineffective fighting attire. What's holding them back from making it more realistic?

Crytek, the company behind Warface, actually polled gamers from around the world and asked them what they wanted in female characters. The answer (and it will shock you): boobs. In a conversation with Wired, Crytek’s Joshua Howard explains that he was in a difficult position; on one hand, he wanted authentic shooter outfits, but on the other, consumer’s only wanted authentic uniforms for men. Russian and Chinese gamers (the game has get to be released in the West) in particular care a great deal about women characters wearing more revealing clothing. 


Let’s hope other European and American regions request more realistic depictions of women soldiers...but since the game has yet to be released here, only time will tell! In the mean time, take a look at the ridiculous juxtaposition of the “authentic” male shooters and their sexy female counterparts and then spend ten minutes laughing at just how ridiculous the world is. 


Thanks to Kotaku

Images via Popcap and Kotaku

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