Colored Bras, Lower Grades: High School Prohibits Non-Nude Underwear


In attempts to keep hormones and teenage desire at bay, schools across China are enforcing unheard of and questionable rules. In some, kids of opposite sexes are prohibited from walking together; in others, boys and girls must stand fifty centimeters from one another. 



This latest rule almost sounds made-up. Zhongshan Technical Secondary School, a high school in the Chinese province Guangdong, thinks colored undergarments are too suggestive. Since pink bras obviously inspire teenagers have wild sexual escapades in the middle of calculus class, the school has disallowed them under strict penalties. So if you want to wear a colored bra-- or if you run out of clean laundry-- points will be deducted from your GPA. Oh, and don’t even think about prints; a case of the polka-dots will get extra points removed. 


These rules are not only totally absurd, but they’re also harmful. They send a message along the lines of: “If you grow boobs and need to wear a bra, or if you have any sexual urges, you won’t go to college.” And that’s just wrong. 



Thanks to Offbeat China and Shanghaiist

Image via Where to Get It

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