World War II America saw some pretty major shifts for women. The slogan “the more WOMEN at work, the sooner we win” inspired women to enter the work force as real-life Rosies and Riveters. With men off at war, women were able to fill various professions previously reserved for men, like doctors and engineers. Lady gardeners canned food to store up on from “victory gardens.” Women even joined the US military, and occupied a heroic role previously limited to men. 



The war helped a lot of women lead financially independent lives, but how on earth did they protect their breasts from dangerous riveting and machinery? Well, with special fancy bras, of course! The bra, called the SAF-T-BRA, was composed completely of plastic and helped keep many women’s “girls” protected. Who knew a bra could be so progressive?



Thanks to Guns 

Images via Guns

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