It’s so awesome to see adolescents and teens openly jump on the feminist bandwagon, and this adorable, intelligent lady is here to help anyone curious about what being a “feminist” means. Witty and relatable, her advice to fellow teens (of all genders) spans from how to dress to what books to read to developing the perfect “‘this displeases me and is very problematic’ face.” 



Above all, her video is inclusive and inviting. She explains terms like “patriarchy” and “slut shaming” with clarity and patience, and she reminds us that at its core, “feminism is about not limiting [...] opportunities.” Although the movement can be confusing and despite the fact that feminists can disagree, she reaffirms the idea that being a feminist is totally worth it. That we’re all in this together. 


Watch the video below!

Thanks to Over17Mirrors/YouTube

Image and video via YouTube

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