Amelia Earhart

Although I'm only 22-years-old, I've always wondered what lessons I would teach my daughter if I one day choose to have children. The top three fall along the lines of love yourself unconditionally, be kind, and don't take shit from anyone (it's a work in progress). During my daily internet trolling, I came across another amazing lesson that I could teach my imaginary daughter some day: be inspired - not by Disney princesses or super models - but by real, badass, history-making women.

Photographer and all-around awesome mom, Jaime Moore, had been searching for some creative inspiration to take photos of her 5-year-old daughter Emma, when she realized most of the ideas she came across were how to dress your little girl like a Disney princess. She thought, instead of a Disney princess, why don't I dress my little girl up as women she can actually look up to? The final product is a master piece. Take a look:

Susan B. Anthony 

Helen Keller

Coco Chanel

Jane Goodall 

Emma as Emma! She's adorable!


Thanks to Upworthy