There's "too far" and then there's "too far." These anti-Hillary Clinton buttons, seen at a California Republican Party convention this past weekend, go "too far" and infinitely beyond; pretty much entering an entirely new realm of oh-so-wrong.

Carla Marinucci of the San Francisco Chronicle tweeted the above picture on Saturday, saying these "popular" buttons were being displayed outside of a VIP reception area. Less than an hour after Marinucci's pic hit the net, the buttons were nowhere to be found (my guess is her arch-nemesis Rudy Giuliani bought them wholesale). 


Though, it's funny this gross spectacle was there in the first place considering that, according to Marinucci, one of the convention's intents was to draw new female voters. I can only imagine every unaffiliated lady of California wanted to kiss the feet of the GOP when she saw part of the party's platform includes bashing women's bodies! Sometimes the other side just makes our work too easy...


Thanks to the Huffington Post

Image via Carla Marinucci

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