Surfer Asks Roxy to Pull Sexist Ads

Australian Surfer Stephanie Gilmore in Roxy Promo

The surf clothing brand Roxy recently released a promotional video starring female surfer Stephanie Gilmore. Instead of the expected shots of wave-riding and mind-blowing athleticism, the ad features Gilmore rolling around in bed in a pair of navy undies, showering, and getting dressed. It even includes a shot that focuses only the athlete’s breasts. 


Never one to shy away from a challenge, Cori Schumacher, a world champion surfer, took to change.org to collect signatures from the surfing community for a petition to eliminate sexual objectification from Roxy advertisements and promotional videos. She delivered the petition to the company with 20,000 signatures.


Schumacher tells Los Angeles Times, “I’ve seen the sexism and objectification women face on a daily basis in this sport [...] Roxy’s recent ad... reinforces the inequalities women face in surfing [...] Surfing should be a place where women can show they’re strong and powerful.” You go, girl!



That's better, Roxy! Why don't we see shots like this in the promo?



Roxy and its parent company, Quicksilver Inc., have not spoken on the issue, but members the surf community has made their voices heard. One mother tells Los Angeles Times’s Stuart Pfeifer, “I have a daughter who really pays attention to this stuff [...] I believe in supporting athleticism. I do not want to buy products that encourage girls to become sex objects.”


Are you listening, Roxy? We sure are!


Thanks to Los Angeles Times

Images via UPI Roxy

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