Feminists Playing Cards: What You Should Play With. Now.

I grew up in a very conservative home—so conservative we didn’t have regular playing cards till I was a teenager. No joke. We played Rook, and we used Rook cards.  It wasn’t till college that I owned my own deck of playing cards. I know. Wow. Yeah. I have some catching up to do. Also, there’s a lot I need to learn about awesome women in music (if I didn’t have playing cards, you know I didn’t listen to Joan Jett. Yes, I have corrected the error of my ways). 

Luckily, Feminist Playing Cards are a thing! They’re the latest project of Homoground, a resource “dedicated to promoting equality and visibility for all people through music and art.” The deck features 56 illustrations of feminist musicians, all drawn by 14 feminist artists. And they’re pretty cool. 


We passed ‘em around the BUST headquarters a bit, challenging each other to identify the musicians. Every deck comes with a list of who’s who, but only a couple of the cards have the musician’s name on them—thus, a new card game has been born: Name That Feminist! What I’m proposing can easily be implemented into many different card games. It’s basically the weekend, so here we go!

1. Buy Feminist Playing Cards

2. Drool over their artwork online while waiting for them to arrive.

3. Invite a bunch of cool cats over.

4. Buy booze. And snacks. 

5. Break out the cards!

6. Start a card game of your choice. 

7. Once there is at least one card in the discard pile (or in the dealer's pile), a player (who is not currently taking a turn) can challenge the player who is mid-turn by saying, “Name That Feminist!”  A card is then taken from the discard/dealing pile and shown to the player who was challenged.

8. Once challenged, the player must name the feminist on the card. If they answer correctly, the challenger must drink (or, if playing sober, skip a turn).

9. If the player fails to correctly name the feminist, they must take a drink (or skip a turn).

10. Play on till dawn!

Of course, as the owner of the cards, you do have the advantage of studying up before the game—but, really, it’s more fun when everyone is debating if the ace of diamonds Carrie Brownstein or Ros Murray.

Let us know what you think of the cards, the game, or if you have an awesome card game of your own that goes perfectly with these cards!

Images via feministcards.com 

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