Wall Street Journal Thinks Cleaning Is Women’s Work

In a recent article, the Wall Street Journal talked about the advances of new cleaning products and how they've changed to work even faster than ever, blah, blah, blah. More importantly though, WSJ decided to accompany the text of the piece with drawings of women, and only women, using these housekeeping items. Because as we all know, men can't complete such mundane tasks! Those are to be left to us helpless females. Men and women are equal and all, but who could bother a dude to wash a dish? Way to perpetuate the stereotype of women always cleaning up after their families. Everyone else can make a mess, but it's cool because Mom will just loooooove to take care of it for you! Blargh.


The only credit I can give is that three out of the four cartoons depict the women with neutral/not stoked demeanors. At least (minus that first one) it's not showing a bunch of ladies looking far too excited to be eating salad.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Death + Taxes

Photos via Wall Street Journal

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