The gaming company is in an uproar because of, here’s a shocker, a woman. 

Are you tired of this? I am. I am so, SO tired of the gaming community hating women. It’s old. Find something legit to complain about. 

According to the Atlantic Wire, Julie Larson-Green is now the head of Xbox. You go, girl! I imagine she knew that taking this position would cause a lot of…talk. Let’s call it that. Larson-Green has had 19 years of experience with the company, a fact not addressed by the internet commentators who are obsessed with her non-gaming, womanly ways.

Forget that there’s no real proof that she does or does not play video games (that I could find, at least), or how that pertains to running the company. The main issue the commentators have is that she is a woman. 

“Now their [sic] will be apps dedicated to baking and knitting…God damn it MS!”

“A woman? lol.”

“Just another figurehead. Easy on the eyes, too.”

Golly gee, I’m glad that we have a woman for these men to look at! I hope she’s pretty enough! And, just maybe, she will make a knitting app! Or maybe a girl’s controller, because all those buttons confuse me and they’re not pink! I want them to match my Bic pens! (Side note, I do knit, and wouldn’t be opposed to knitting or baking apps/games existing; but the original comment is just too “get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich” for me to handle.)

Puke. So much bile. My spleen hurts from it all. 

Will gamers ever accept that women are a part of the gaming world? We have talked about how 45% of gamers are women and how Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency has been the target for extreme internet misogyny. I know many female gamers, as I'm sure you do. Major props to Microsoft and Xbox, who decided to give someone with experience a job they deserve—and not cater to the misogynistic assholes that comment on their decisions. While I'm not hopeful that this will be the last post about misogynistic gamers, I really want it to be.

Original Article via TheAtlanticWire.com

Images via TheAtlanticWire.com and Forbes.com