Must-See Commercial: Rad Little Girls Riot For Better Toys

It’s like my entire feminist life has led up to this one, darling moment.

In 2012, Stanford University student Debra Sterling founded GoldieBlox, Inc.—a startup with one awesome mission. As an engineer, Sterling wanted to give girls a toy that would stir up their interest in story-oriented building, a luxury boys are given with Legos. In a world where girls start losing interest in science as young as age 8, Sterling’s big idea seemed to be the perfect solution.  


Sterling went on to raise $285,881 on Kickstarter for the first production order—well over her initial goal of $150,000. “GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine” will now be distributed by Toys ‘R’ Us for $29.99, and by the looks of this demo, it’ll pretty much be the coolest toy on the market. The set comes with a mini-book detailing GoldieBlox’s mission to make her pet dog, Nacho, spin like a music box doll, along with a bunch of helpful tools. Take that, pink toy aisles!

If that’s not enough to make you want to revert back to your five-year-old-self, check out this mega-awesome commercial for GoldieBlox. The ad features a cast of unhappy gals hammering away at their homemade contraptions, rushing to the nearest toy store wearing their “More Than Just a Princess” t-shirts, and letting out an overdue victory scream in the aisles. Oh, and it’s all set to one rocking rendition of Queen’s “We are the Champions.” Cute and kick-ass? You bet. 

We’re giving Debra Sterling major props for throwing gendered toys right off their shelves. “GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine” is the toy we’ve all been waiting for, so go out there and grab one!

Sources: Upworthy, TechCrunch

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