Well I never thought I’d see the day. An Obama-Bush combo. But it's happening now with these ladies over in Tanzania. Michelle Obama and Laura Bush are opening a summit aimed towards promoting women’s health in and the well-being of Africa. Michelle, while visiting Tanzania during the Obama African tour, met up with ex-First Lady Laura to open up the African First Ladies Summit in Dar Es Salaam.


The strange Obama-Bush pairing emphasizes how important Africa is to the U.S. in terms of human rights and politics generally. Africa is profoundly important to our nation, particularly since the major initiatives taken during the Clinton administration. George W. Bush continued this legacy by implementing a successful program to combat HIV/AIDS.


The human rights issues concerning women’s health in Africa exist outside the political polarization of national parties in the U.S. and has paved the way for Democrats and Republicans to work together (in certain circumstances). But not many…and especially not domestically.


Within the world stage, this type of cooperation is necessary when so many lives are at stake. Michelle Obama and Laura Bush are bringing national and international attention to African women’s health. This indirectly sheds light on the plight of women in developing nations generally. The ladies' fame has granted them access to inspire change and educate.

There is no doubt that there is a growing need to reduce the number of deaths related to cervical and breast cancer. Later this week, there will be an announcement regarding plans to expand Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, a program that provides women in lesser-developed areas access to HPV vaccinations, screening and treatment, and health education.


Lets hope that women’s health issues continue to outweigh political tension and rivalry. Maybe we can, politically and domestically speaking, learn a few things from these noble ladies.

Source via Reuters

Photographs via The Huffington Post

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