Female Superhero Costumes Re-Imagined for Functional Ass-Kicking

With Halloween just around the corner, every store is bursting with the same lame costumes they have every year...Batman, Spiderman, and of course their barely-there female counterparts!

These skin-tight and ultra-revealing looks got me thinking...If you're going to be fighting bad guys (or good guys!) you would need some serious comfort and breathe-ability instead of latex lingerie.  

Illustrator Celeste Pille was thinking just the same thing when she used her skills to re-imagine spandex bikinis and leather corsets as actual crime-fighting wear. Each new look is way sexier in my opinion because you could actually drop-kick someone in it! And what is sexier than that?!

Check out all of the awesome new looks on Buzzfeed!


Images via Buzzfeed/Celeste Pille

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