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Naturally beautiful skin is just hundreds of products away.

Baltimore Rich Girls

Counter-Culture Lifestyle Blog for the women of Baltimore and beyond.

Beauty 365

I heart beauty products enough to write about them everyday! So, please check out Beauty 365 and enjoy my daily insights about all things health, beauty and wellness related!

Beauty Blogging Junkie

Beauty product reviews with a bit of snarky fashion and pop culture commentary.

beauty parler

Just your average girl-next-door who loves fashion, makeup & skincare (doesn't everyone)...and likes to blog about it. All opinions expressed are mine & are not meant to endorse specific products. These opinions & findings are from using products mentione ...

beautyinbaltimore(I can't wait until I move to New York...


Hot,young,hip and very racy 20 something. I cover a very wide range of topics,and I discuss them in a very blunt manner(men included). So if you are into sex, beauty, current events etc.. come check me out.


At BeautyXposé, we believe you can handle the truth. If a plumper doesn’t plump, a gloss doesn’t gloss or a face cream gives you hives…we’ll tell you. That’s the main philosophy driving the BX team and their entourag ...

Belly's Button

I'm a translator and all-around person of words, recently discovering my passion for the visual. In my blog I discuss mostly sewing and drafting, interior design, literature, feminism and body image and fashion.

Betsey J!

I write about everything that pops into my head throughout my day.FashionStyle on the streetMusicToys My Life Parties Travel Food Going Green Tips ArtIt's a nice mix of topics for all types of girls.

Black Mary Jane

Black Mary Jane is vintage fashion, lifestyle, and attitude. During a time where fashion bloggers are stepping out in style on the front rows of some of fashion’s most celebrated designers, Randolph Black and Ebony Black bonded over their love for fashi ...



This is my "journey" into the world of cosmetics.

Bratique Helene

The best bras, tops and solutions for women with a full bustline.

bravegrrl by sabella


clothing for the bravest of grrlz...

Breakfast at Saks

That daring, darling fashion blog!

Budget Retro


Vintage inspired fashion, housewares and crafting on a working gal's budget


CAMP COMFORT is a place for fashion and style news, finds and inspiration.

Cause I'd Rather Waste My Life Pretending...

'cause i'd rather waste my life pretending - crushcrushcrush by paramore. life's to short. why waste your life pretending when you can enjoy the finer things in life; art, music, food, fashion, beauty..? 'cause i'd rather waste my life pretending brings y ...

CC Style

My Musings, My Style, My Way...from the creator/designer of Carmen Collletti