Cupcakes & Tomatoes

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What's up, my name is Chris and I've always loved fashion. Plain and simple. I lack the patience to design my own line so for me blogging about it day in and day out is the next best thing. This blog is what I've come up with. Besides that there's only two things you really need to know about me: I love cupcakes, and I HATE tomatoes. Taking this attitude into the business of reviewing street fashion could be put to good use. That is- if I can stop being such a techy and just make up my mind about which digital camera I want to buy to finally do that. Inspired by my inner nerd, the looks I adore would get awarded a nice big pixel-y cupcake. Looks that I don't - get a pixel-y tomato. It would be a pixel-y splattered tomato if I were better at photoshop... This blog is a focus on urban fashion, lookbooks, indie finds, my style idols, and whatever else in pop culture that has or lacks an impact on the ever changing face of street trends. I just hope to inspire everyone who visits this blog to have fun in whatever it is they wear. Oftentimes it's not the clothing, but the attitude you evoke while wearing them that makes 'em awesome. Explore my content, enjoy it, get some ideas, then tell all your friends!