Budget Retro

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Vintage inspired fashion, housewares and crafting on a working gal's budget
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byJmrolniak, July 30, 2009
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Blog author Kendra does a wonderful job of finding vintage elements and explaining how to incorporate her finds in everyday life. Her sense of style stands out, but remains ground in pragmatism and lovely aesthetics.
bycgerstman, July 31, 2009
Budget Retro is such a cute blog and it's not cluttered with ads everywhere! Very refreshing to see. You can tell Kendra is a full on retro gal - did you see the toddler pic? Well I think her blog is so personable and love that she shares tid bits about her family and of herself. Looking forward to following this blog and seeing what Kendra continues to share.
Budget Retro always gives cute, affordable and straightforward recommendations on items I would totally buy! I love the advice, the design/look of the blog but most importantly the sweet, funny and sarcastic tone which makes me want to keep coming back!
In a scene with a lot of polished blogs with boring recycled posts, or good posts in beat-up old Blogger.com blogs, Kendra at Budget Retro has built a site with the best of both worlds -> really compelling posts in a really clean design.

Totally worth checking out. (She's on Twitter too at http://twitter.com/budgetretro)