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Off the Spaceship

I'm always busy. I have a degree I use in ways I never imagined (none of them terribly traditional), I have a husband who gave up a military career for a number of reasons, I have 3 kids, I have tons of pictures on my walls, too many shoes in my closet, a ...

Oh Darling

A girl with a camera fused to her hand and her ever enduring husband travelling the world (or at least attempting to) while trying to prove that married people aren't just a cliche.

Renegade Moms

We're not just moms and we don't always like our kids. Or yours. Renegade Moms is NOT a typical mommy blahg.

Righteous Mom

righ·teous \ˈrī-chəs\ : 1: acting in accord with divine or moral law : free from guilt or sin 2 a: morally right or justifiable b: arising from an outraged sense of justice or morality 3 slang : genuine, excellent mom \ˈmäm, ˈməm\ : 1 a: a female parent ...

Send Chocolate

blog that's cheaper than candy...half as sweet.. living Plan B, but at least it includes chocolate. Information about autism, homeschooling and Sarcasm is a bonus. Snark is an add-on, but offer is subject to change depending upon your attit ...

Shoelace Untied

Just a new mom who is loving her son.. through the good days and bad, for richer and poorer, till dad comes home to do us part. (does that make sense? I have spitup in my hair and my eyes are burning.. sorry!)

Snarky Momma

A twenty-something first-time mom rants about going against the Stepford Mommy grain, parenting with common sense, and missing beer.

Snotty Moms

A special place where a real mom complains about everything from bitchy know-it-all snotty moms to ridiculous television. But, also a warm and fuzzy place where I dish on my guilty pleasures, like tabloids, movies, and reality shows.

Something New Every Day: A Collection of Empty Nest Dis...


This blog is about my new life as an empty nester. If you have any newly empty nested friends, please pass it along to them! I'd love to build some community on the blog.


Some people think Stinkydog has nothing to write about but her stinky dogs. But they'd be wrong.


Gewgaws from a busy brain (usually at the most inconvenient times) belonging to a gal who lives her life repetitiously joining new sub-cultures.

The Claw

the rock and the roll. the film. the comedy. the bravo reality shows. the whathaveyou.

The Girl Who

The Girl Who escaped Mormonism, married a rocker and moved to Manhattan... Her blog is a wild ride of sex, lies and yes, even videotape...

The Hubby Diaries

A lighthearted humor blog about relationships & marriage. It highlights the funny & oftentimes frustrating differences between men & women.

The Integrated Mother Blog

Hosted by the founder of The Integrated Mother, Michele Dortch, this blog is an archive of inspirational & informative resources for working moms, as well as the place where Michele shares her own candid musings as a working mom to 3 active children.

The Mummy Chronicles


The daily life and rants of a WAHM, writer, wife, friend and escape artist.

The Poopie Patrol

Ramblings of a stay at home mommy of 3, sometimes 4 children, 2 annoying dogs and 1 needy husband :) Join me as I take you through our daily journeys.

Toni's Magnum Opus

The autobiography and adventures of a stay-at-home mom.

unruly helpmeet

I'm delilah, an unruly helpmeet, artist, wife, mom, goof, Libra, worrywart. I enjoy apples, cupcakes, The Venture Bros., books, painting, crafting, laughing, cephalopods, pirates, vampires, and ninjas, among other things. My first goal is to prove mom ...

Working at Home Mom

A blogging work at home mom who loves to share free or low cost ideas for other moms to become work at home moms.