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I want my nanny

I WANT MY NANNY!! is a cry for community. I’ve brought out my stories in a hope to find other like-minded, nanny-enabled parent’s out there. I want us to come together to share our stories and find solace in the fact that even with a nanny, life’s not per ...

Imaginary Binky

Sass and life with a stand-up comedian and a baby. Something's gotta give.

Indie Mountain Mama


New mom making it through one diaper at a time.

Innerworking's Posterous

In the office, I specialize in relationship dynamics and sexuality as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) in Portland, OR. At home, I am the mother to an amazing and exhausting 9 year old boy and a very sedate Beagle named Delia. Other things that ...

It's a Goat's Life

Life with two kids ages 4 & 17, 8 goats, 1 dog and 3 cats. Oh and I work full time and homeschool.

JJust Kidding

I'm a professional writer, sometimes a college instructor, a new mom and a feminist. I'm figuring it all out.

la femme follette: roman-fleuve

simple midwestern girl. wife, mother, lifelong insomniac. compulsively artistic. relentlessly nostalgic.

Last American Childhood

A mom baffled by New York's mom-zombie culture, who hates mingling at playgrounds especially when there are no cocktails, likes to write about why having a kid can't possibly save your marriage, talk about her toddler peeing on power strips, and make up n ...

Leigh vs Laundry

A misplaced mommy who loves my life but hates doing laundry. This Blog describes my misadventures in homemaking and my wonderful adventures in life. Despite the war I am in with housework, I adore this "stay at home mom" position that I stumbled ...

Live From The Wang Of America

A Mommy Blog by a post-feminist whack. My husband is a stay at home dad and I'm out there slogging it in the world to bring home the bacon.I'm interested in everything I shouldn't be. And a few things I should be.

M and J in a Nutshell

A blog about single motherhood, homeschooling, graduate school, writing, eating, cooking, crafting, Etsy, and anything else we feel like writing.

Mama Divas - for every Mama Diva on the web. Be a featured Mama Diva! Join the blogroll and webring.

Mama Milton

Ministry major turned bartender gets married, has babies, makes peace with her Maker and rides off into the suburban sunset. Movie to follow.

Maman des Filles

Trying to deal with 'tween daughters!

MFA Mama

Mother, writer, teacher and work-in-progress: coping through inappropriate humor since 1979!

Mommy Brain Reports


Local Restaurant reviews, fun and family friendly outing reviews, toy and technology reviews. Lots of fun stuff!

Mommy Moments


My blog about life, toddler twins, and random ranting. It's my sister site to Mommy Brain Reports! Lots of friends, and fun stuff!

Moms and Bombs

Officially a blog dedicated to Jews, Queers, Babies and Acting, it instead offers a variety of cultural criticism. From homophobic rappers to drag queen nuns, Moms and Bombs has something for everyone.

moms are for everyone!

the ramblings of a young frazzled mother trying to make sense of it all. (consider yourselves warned.)

My Inconvenient Body

Written from the sometimes schizophrenic perspective of an an artist turned mother, this blog covers everything, from everyday advice, philosophical musings, political and historical insights to art and social criticism.