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Allison The Meep

The daily thoughts of a mom, wife, rocker, liberal, gluten-free, book reader, life lover

Another Mom Blog--Motherhood in NYC and Beyond


I'm a NYC mom with two kids and a job. And a husband. Tell me if you've heard this before.


Aunt Boomie, upon returning to the Carolinas after 5 years in China, flounders and flubbs through her new responsibilities as a full time, live-in aunt. She also pauses to reflect on China and digitize her family history.


A blog about being a mommy, make-up artist, wife, and just about life's happenings.

Culture Mami

Latina mom of two. Keep house and work as an ICU nurse. When not busy with that... I am usually on my blog writing about life as a Latina, my culture, my kids, family, babywearing, breastfeeding, and everything in between.


Reminding girls how to be girls, a site about crafts and recipes.


A twenty-something mother of two tries to make sense of it all.

Dahlia's Day - Not Your Typical Wedding Blog

Random musings from Dahlia's everyday existence concerning the institution of marriage from the eccentric to the ridiculous. These include weddings, elopments, and other related issues.

Ella-Bean & Co.

Musings of an optimistic mama embarking on and embracing her new life and exciting new roles - crafting, parenting, my anxious dog, and of course, Miss Ella-bean.



architect~mom~texan you know you wanna

Fish Sauce Diaries

* I am no chef. Being somewhat of an animal * my tongue could care less what this body that contains it wants to call or not call itself. This blog is dedicated to the very organ that 1. heals me when I am in pain (just feed me some rice) 2. cares less a ...

Floating World Views


Photos and thoughts as I navigate the mean streets of Tokyo! Lots of food, art and crafty stuff.

Further adventures of Rocketmom

An online diary for 6 1/2 years before succumbing to the satanic ease of blogging, Rockebride has been around & around & around the electronic block. (You may remember her from 'Greek Drama,' 'I put a spell on you,' and of course, 'Further adventures of ...

Gangsta Bride

Keepin' it real from boo to bride. An Atlanta based blog for gangsta, offbeat, cool, independent brides on a budget.

Geek, Poet, Housewife Wannabe


Vegan and vegetarian recipes, info on local food, and how to even grow some of your own.

girl in the room

I write about politics, pop culture, and fashion. I am from Los Angeles, the center of the universe. I don't write about knitting and how it saved my soul. Or about babies. Unless I take up knitting or have babies.


Mouthing off about peace corps, Africa, int'l development, yoga, books, politics, marriage, films, supersoul-ish discoveries, cultural adaptation (blech!) and me me me.

house arrest / crafty bitch


Adventures in knitting and other handy things.