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Of course the Queen of Country dishes out sound advice! After so many years in the spotlight, Dolly Parton has bestowed a lot of wise words upon us. From her marriage of 50 years to her countless wigs, Dolly is an open book. Here are some of her frank and fearless takes on life. 

On her appearance:


"It costs a lot of money to look this cheap!"

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"I’m gaudy and flashy and I’m probably gonna always be that.”

 Dolly pinkfuzzycoat 179c8

"I like all that frilly stuff. Like I've always said, it's a good thing I was a girl, or I'd definitely have been a drag queen! Most definitely."

Dolly glam 77202

"I've often made the statement that I'd never stoop so low as to be fashionable. That's the easiest thing in the world to do."

Dolly rib 18ad8

On femininity:

“I think of myself as somebody who’s just as smart as any man I know. I don’t think anybody should ever be judged by whether they’re male or female, black, white, blue, or green. I think people should be allowed to be themselves and to show the gifts they have, and be able to be acknowledged for that and to be paid accordingly. You know, I love men, but I love women too and I’m proud to be a woman. I just really try to encourage women to be all that they can be and I try to encourage men to let us be that.”

Dolly makeup dd00d

"But through the years, I’ve always used my femininity to my benefit. I’ve never slept with anybody to get to the top, though. If I slept with somebody, it’s ’cause I wanted to, not to get from point A to point B.”

Dolly playinglive bd4f6

On talent:

"I have a guilt complex about being the one that's so successful when so many of them [other performers] are so much more talented than me. And so many friends that I know in Nashville that have twice the talent that I've had, that I've seen them come and go through the years and never see their dream come true."

 Dolly banjo bfe54

“You need to really believe in what you’ve got to offer, what your talent is — and if you believe, that gives you strength.”

Dolly banjo2 7329e

“You never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try.”

DollyGlitterChair 22cd5

On joking about her boobs:

"It don't bother me so much unless people dwell on it. Get tacky and all. It's part of the act. If someone gets really carried away, well, I sort of pity him. Cause it's his problem, not mine. Other than that, I'm a good sport. I know some of the best Dolly Parton jokes. I made 'em up myself."

Dolly flipoff 793e3

 “I don’t mind. I’ve kind of exposed them. I had big boobs all my life, but I had ’em made even bigger, so why not just go along with the fun. People hopefully now at least know there is a heart beneath the boobs and that’s one of the reasons my boobs are so big, it’s just all heart pushin’ out my chest.”

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On authenticity:

 "I’m a very sensitive person. I’m a songwriter, so I have to live with my feelings on my sleeve. I have to not harden my heart, because I want to stay open to feel things. So when I hurt, I hurt all over. And when I cry, I cry real hard. And when I’m mad, I’m mad all over. I’m just a person; I like to experience whatever the feeling is and whatever I’m going through."

Dolly Desk 7a19f

“I’m proud of my hillbilly, white trash background. To me that keeps you humble; that keeps you good. And it doesn’t matter how hard you try to outrun it—if that’s who you are, that’s who you are. It’ll show up once in a while.”

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On the number of wigs she owns:

“I don't know, I've got better things to do than count them. But I wear one every day of the week, so probably 365.”

Dolly wig ed17a

On her husband of over 50 years

“I stay gone. [Laughs] … He’s a good guy; we know each other so well. I know every line in his face, and he knows every hair in my wig.”

DontWeLoveHerDolly 0513b

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