Emma Stone Calls Out Boyfriend Andrew Garfield for Being Sexist

I’m not going to lie, I adore Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone: the on screen and off screen couple that star in The Amazing Spiderman rebooted franchise. I think they’re collectively adorable and I want to shrink them down and keep them in my pocket for when I’m sad.

However, after a small sexist comment slipped out of Garfield’s dreamy lips during a Q&A interview to promote the upcoming film The Amazing Spiderman 2, I had a moment of reconsideration. When a chubby-cheeked British child asked Garfield how Spiderman got his costume, Garfield let down every feminist in town by insinuating that by sewing the outfit himself, Spiderman was doing something feminine.

That’s when Stone smartly called out her boyfriend, asking “It’s feminine how?” It’s kind of like watching mom and dad argue in public, but someone had to say it. Emma kept her cool but was obviously perturbed by the insinuation that sewing was innately feminine. Garfield then corrected himself, saying that there is femininity in all young men.

By not letting the comment slip by unchallenged, Stone sets the example for girls worldwide to speak up for themselves, their gender, and casual sexism. I hope that I never have to, but if the time comes I know I’ll have the confidence to call out my boyfriend for being blatantly sexist in public. Thanks to Emma Stone.

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