These Tasty Cereal Puffs Will Brighten Up Any Morning Routine

Although cereal isn't the healthiest of breakfast options, this recipe helps bring some nutrition to the table. (Literally! HA.) I knew I had to have these when I read that this chef was inspired by Momofuku Milk Bar, one of my many bakery obsessions and one that specializes in delectable cereal milk. When crushing up the cereal, I suggest pouring it into a Ziploc bag and just breaking it up with your hands. (Or, as the recipe says, you can try a food processor.) You can use any cereal you like, and you just need a few ingredients and a side of fruit to make it a hearty morning meal.


Yields 6-7 puffs
Time: 20 minutes

You need:

Puff pastry
1 cup crushed cereal, I used fruity Cheerios (If you want them crushed really fine use a food processor)
1 egg

If your puff pastry comes frozen (most do), allow it to thaw before use. I usually put mine in the refrigerator the night before I plan to use it. Use a cookie cutter to cut out cute shapes from the dough. Brush a little whisked egg over the top of the dough. Press the cut-out, egg wash side down, into the crushed cereal and place on a prepared baking sheet. Bake at 350°F for 15-18 minutes until golden brown on the edges.

To serve make a small batch of fresh whipped cream and slice up some fresh fruit. I like to pull the puffs in half (this is easy to do once baked, because they will have puffed up so much) and create a small tower of: bottom half of the puff, fruit, whipped cream, top half of the puff and a little more whipped cream.

Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for this one!

Photos via A Beautiful Mess

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