Alexa Chung's Kale Nail Polish and Other Outrageous Kale-Obsessed Things

Today, I stumbled upon several articles promoting Alexa Chung's collaboration with Nails Inc. and the reveal of their newest polish made of KALE. No, you did not read that incorrectly. Yes, this nail polish, entitled NailKale, is made with the trendiest leafy green to ever make a comeback.

After discovering this hilarious nonsense, I decided to scour the internet for more bi-products of the kale-obsessed decade in which we live. What I stumbled upon will surely make you laugh, cry, and curb your kale cravings-- well, at least for as long as you're reading this. Here's just a few of my findings:


Huff Post: Kale

Yes, it is what it looks like--an entire Huff Post page about this trendy green. "Breaking news: a new way to make kale!"


Kale University Shirts

A play on the Yale University shirts (the ones everyone who didn't go to an Ivy League school already resents)


Hansens Soda: Kale Flavor

Remember the popular Hansens cane soda from the 2000s? Well, they've caught up with the times and came out with a kale-flavored soda...

Mary Kale Olsen

An internet meme for which I have no comment.


Kale me crazy, but this fad has gotten out of hand. I love kale, but after doing this research, I'm forming a pretty strong resentment toward it.

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