So people everywhere are still annoyed by guys occupying waaay too much space on the train. You may remember the blog: Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train from this past September. This is a particularly real issue on NYC public transit because the ceiling handles are positioned just 6 inches out of my 5’4’’ reach. 

Brooklyn resident and writer, Jenna Clark Embrey, took it upon herself to publish an open letter to men on the subway through McSweeney’s Publishing House. Below are her opening remarks:

I know you like to spread your chests wide, inhaling deeply and filling your lungs with that special patriarchal air that is your birthright. I know you need to place your legs in wide stances to give ample room to your massive testicles, which you have inherited after generations of Darwinism have assured only the largest and best scrotum survive. I know you need to mount your body against the entire center subway pole, claiming your land like Columbus. I get that. 

Embrey is perfectly spot on with her whole entry and truly reflects a zeitgeist of feminist theories on patriarchy and public transit. She goes on to illustrate why it is so unfair for dudes to take up way too much space, even at the expense of the elderly or pregnant. This is a case that has been brought up time and time again, and I’m sure most of us feel this at least once a day during our commutes to and fro.

Most importantly, Embrey takes a witty and sardonic tone with this issue, implying that she is sick of enduring this and will hopefully pipe up in the future and demand more space. Throw your hands up ladies, and unite to occupy a train system that you deserve…even if you cant reach the handrail. Check out Embreys' full letter here.

Head on over to Move The Fuck Over, Bro to find more curated photos and further evidence of this unfortunate social dynamic. 

Images courtesy of Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train and Move The Fuck Over, Bro

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