Dog Adopts Orphan Chimp Resulting in Some Really Adorable Photos

Here’s one unusual animal pairing that’ll get your heart warming in no time. Little remains known about the story’s background, but the adorable photos tell it all: a mastiff adopted a baby chimpanzee as one of its own. Cue endless baby talk.

 It’s unclear whether the baby chimp’s mother passed away or abandoned the newborn, but after a zoo caretaker took the chimp home and introduced it to the mastiff and her puppies, the pair became inseparable. The photos show mother and chimp cuddling, sleeping, and doing other cute things that’ll make you teary-eyed. One photo even shows baby chimp eating alongside its new puppy siblings. I mean, come on? The diaper, hugs, and smiles are just cute overload.

Hopefully, more photos and information on the baby chimp’s story will surface. Until then, let’s all squeal together over this motherly love story with one last photo:  

Sources: Viral Nova and The Huffington Post

Photos via Viral Nova


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