Make This Cute Flower Crown And Nab Some FREE Glue!

Both of my parents are florists, so I'm no stranger to the flower crown trend. However, I've gotten a little sick of the silk roses on a thin piece of elastic style of crown that I see a lot at Urban Outfitters (not to mention the $30 price tag). So when my friend Rebekah posted a crown made with felt on her blog, I was suddenly totally inspired to make my own felt flowers and put together a flower crown. 

For this project you'll need a few sheets of felt, scissors, ribbon, and some Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Adhesive, which is a powerful, clear glue that's nontoxic, doesn't stink, and is amazing (and fast!) at glueing fabric. All in all this project cost me less than $10 to make, but you can make it for less than $5 using the FREE trial size bottle of Liquid FusionClear Urethane Adhesive available here (use code BUST). They only have 500 bottles to give away, so get on that, stat. 


I chose to stick with pink tones because, well, on the inside I'm an 80's Barbie doll. 


The first thing I did was take each sheet of felt and cut it into four equal pieces. From these smaller pieces you'll want to make them into a circle, or even just a kind of circley oval. Mine weren't perfect and turned out really great, but if you want to trace a mug or cup lid to do this you totally can.


Next, using your scissors, cut a spiral into the circle until you reach a small circle in the center. Make sure your outermost cuts are only about a half an inch thick and that slowly they become thicker, as you can see in the picture. The circle center will be glued to the base of your felt flower, so don't cut it out.


Place a small line of the Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Adhesive on the side closest to the center of your circle. Remember that a little goes a long way, so don't use too much.


Carefully roll the felt onto itself, leaving beads of glue as you roll to secure. Make sure as you roll your felt the inside edge is flush against itself and the outside edge is creating a rose-like spiral center. As you get further from the tightly wrapped center, your petals will began to ruffle out and look more like a real flower. 


When you reach the end, cover the flat bottom in your Liquid Fusion adhesive and glue your circle to the bottom to secure the spiral. Your flower should look like this when it's done:


Using different colors (or you just one color, I'm not your boss) make about 12 or 13 roses.


Start glueing roses to your ribbon with your Liquid Fusion. You can choose to glue them flat side to the ribbon or glue them on their sides, like I did. I started with a row of seven flowers.


Next I glued the remaining five flowers on top of the first row to make the crown a little more dramatic. Wait for it to dry, and then you're done!


Rock your crown at the next festival you attend or out to your local flea market. Wherever you sport your crown, just remember that you are a summer queen and you created flowers just like mother earth. How cool is that!?


Mary Rockcastle is a florist, illustrator, and craftswoman living in Rochester, New York. She’s the sole founder of Little Lamb Studios, and #1 biggest fan of all dogs.

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